Advanced Leadership Programme



This general management and leadership programme offers the opportunity for seasoned general managers to step back from their professional and personal lives and dedicate time for themselves in a learning environment that is second to none.
Aside from refreshing their thinking and fine-tuning their leadership agenda, participants will benefit from discussions and exchanges with the world travelled course trainers.

What topics are Covered

 Making sense of turbulent times
 The ‘straight-line’ projections on which so many plans are still based have never looked so inadequate
 How will you lead your company in this new environment that has seen the worst financial crisis?
 What new ways of thinking will you adopt and how will you develop strategies that recognise these new realities?
 Taking the lead through innovation
 The relentless march of globalisation and liberalisation in world markets means increasing competition in more industries
 As today’s industry leaders, how do you re-shape the competitive game and set rules?
 How do you use innovation to grab new opportunities for business development?

Course Benefits

 Producing more dynamic and high functioning executives
 Providing innovative solutions to long-standing problems
 Transforming aspirations into effective leadership behaviour
 Developing leadership capabilities through targeted learning
 Networking and making contacts with leading academics and entrepreneurs

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