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ILM Endorsed Online “Complete Polished Professional Course”

Featuring ILM Development Award sent from ILM UK, to you worldwide after the course!  Areas;

  •     Corporate Etiquette
  •     Networking
  •     International protocol
  •     Dining Etiquette
  •     Image and dress

and International protocol and customs from 40 countries!

It has been designed to guide you at all levels in maintaining an appropriate and professional approach when representing yourself or a corporate front to others.

Is this e-learning course for you?

Do any of these apply to you? If you can say yes to any one of these, it is the course for you!

  •     Do you have business or client meetings?
  •     Are you in a customer facing role or employment?
  •     Will you ever travel internationally on business?
  •     Have you graduated from university or are about to?
  •     Would you like to network with others locally or internationally?
  •     Is there any prospect of you being invited to a lunch meeting or formal engagement?
  •     If you were invited to a corporate formal lunch, dinner or networking event, Would you know exactly what to do, wear, How to mingle, How to give a toast or gifts?


Global Hospitality and Etiquette consultants have consulted and approved the course content;

  •     Individuals, corporate and business people, university establishments
  •     You just need an internet connection, and is Ipad and android compatible!
  •     Can be taken anytime ~anywhere ~ 24/7 (you can begin learning within a few minutes)!
  •     Written in plain unfussy English
  •     Highly interactive, fun, and creative. Various methods used, including Visuals, drag and drop, scenarios etc.

Plus you receive an  ILM Development Award sent from the UK after the course
A certificate will be sent via the post to those that successfully pass the tests within the e-learning program! Will help show Continuing professional development (CPD) or Continuing professional education (CPE) or used as proof that you are investing in your company personnel or self.

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This e-learning course is intended for:

Not only HR and training departments but also operational departments have turned towards this type of training, whose benefits are now widely recognised. Educational effectiveness, content quality, speed of implementation, the ability to reach large numbers of people in different languages and different countries… there is no shortage of arguments in favour of Executive Edge e-learning.

It has enabled us to provide E-Business Etiquette training services to you or your organisation

The course is well-paced. The examples used to illustrate points are excellent.

Etiquette and International protocol skills developed through this e-training course:

  • Open-mindedness regarding new cultures and global ways of doing business
  • Knowledge of addressing others and giving  toasts
  • Polished table manners
  • Corporate dining skills and place setting knowledge. Know what is considered appropriate table manners in your host’s country
  • Variety of networking skills and global communication styles
  • Effective business entertaining
  • Conversational skills
  • Respect for the culture and hospitality of your host’s country

Course benefits for the learner:

  • You will be able to effectively train at home or work at your convenience

Mobile Learning: e-learning at your fingertips

  •     You will be proficient in formal dining
  •     You will have an understanding of international protocol and customs
  •     Confidence

e-Learning plan:
Topics include:

Lagos etiquette

Effective Corporate Entertaining
Your responsibilities as a host or a guest
Confident Silverware knowledge
Know you’re side of the

American versus European Styles of Dining
Knowing Napkin Etiquette

And many more areas 

Network & Business
How to Make Small Talk, Easily
Ten Simple Tricks To Remembering Names
Art of Handshaking
Introducing Yourself and Others properly

Included, is a Resourceful Information on 40 countries and their Culture, Customs and unique Etiquette.  This is a minefield of knowledge for using when you’re going to your hosts country.

The on-line assessment may be taken on completion of the training material. You will be asked 15 multiple choice questions with a pass mark of 75%. The answers are marked automatically so you will instantly know whether you have passed. If you don’t pass don’t worry! You can take the test as many times as you need with no extra charge.

Course Structure
This course is an interactive, on-line format. It is fully animated with high quality graphics and a full English audio voice over.

Executive Edge Online Course ILM Endorsed

Executive Edge Online Course ILM Endorsed

It takes 2.5 to 3 hours to complete the course in full. You can spread the learning  over multiple sessions or it can be completed in a single session. The on-line access to the course will be for 3 months.

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