ILM Executive Edge Communication Masterclass Programme



Our master class will enable participants to influence and persuade in any given situation, improve greatly on public speaking, handle and create high level presentations, use media and persona to communicate. Design, deliver and evaluate their communications.

The master class helps you think creatively and critically about your next communication challenge.

This highly interactive course is about learning while doing; The Master class aims to help you identify any impediments you have with being a master communicator.

Course Contents

  • How to engage and motivate customers
  • How to create a communications strategy for a product, service or organisation brand
  • How to define self-leadership and what it means on an individual level
  • How to create effective integrated communications
  • How to devise media strategies and assess media options
  • Communications clinic – to address your personal communications challenges

Course Benefits

By the end of the course, participants will;

  • Understand the importance of appropriate management of self
  • Be able to be the communication personnel – all types of communication
  • Be able to evaluate self is a crucial part of developing and delivering professionally
  • Learn communication tools like establishing rapport, mirroring, matching, pacing, and more.
  • Know how to structure a presentation to help students put their thoughts together in a structured, planned way that they can leverage even when they have to deliver on the spot!

Additonal Benefits

    • ILM Development Award – Certification from the UK
    • 6 Months Free Access as a student member of the Institiute of Leadeers and Managers

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