Management Essentials



This highly practical course offers both new and experienced managers the opportunity to explore the fundamental principles of effective people management.

We will show you how to shape a robust people management culture, one that stretches performance and builds skill and motivation levels across your organisation.

You will be given the opportunity to analyse your own management style and examine the impact this style will have on the way you motivate and manage others.

What topics are Covered

 Understanding the role and key responsibilities of people management.
 Exploring your own style and the implications of such a style.
 Appreciating difference, avoiding the ‘mini-me’ syndrome.
 Investing in the building of the Psychological Contract.
 Balancing inputs and outputs, avoiding equity imbalance.
 Mapping the Performance Management Cycle.
 Getting the right people in the right seats on the right bus going in the right direction.
 The role for key performance indicators and the importance of achieving buy-in.
 Monitoring and reviewing performance against objectives.
 Developing a feedback culture – learning to give feedback that motivates and builds
 Addressing under-performance before the tipping point.
 Tracing the source of the under-performance and how to get performance back on track.
 Tracing the source, leading the turnaround conversation.
 Building stretch performance through effective delegation.
 Delegation not dumping, delegation not duplication.
 Communication skills that improve the process of delegation.
 Proactive vs. Reactive delegation – the right time for each.
 The skills required to be an effective coach.
 Formal and informal coaching and the benefits of each.
 Help me find the answers and crisis coaching skills.
 Personal action planning.

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