Office Management Course



This course aims to provide an intense exposure to the varied skills needed by an office manager in a modern workplace. It seeks to provide confidence and the ability to perform efficiently within your organisation
This course is suitable for administration staff, at least a good level of secondary education, in looking to become a supervisor or office manager; existing office managers looking to enhance on the job performance and knowledge/skill base.

Course Outline

The course comprises a mixture of theory,
interactive sessions and practical exercises. Key
areas covered in the first three days of the course
 Policies and procedures of organisations
 Effective business letter writing
 Preparation of business letter, emails, etc.
 Explanation of organisational charts
 Health and safety in the office
 Legislation and related compliance
 Staff codes or practice, handbooks etc.
 IT equipment; communications equipment.
 Effective Team working
 Budgets and target setting
 Explanation of management styles
 Filing and keeping organisational records
 Equal opportunities and diversity in the workplace
 Management of time
 Office Managers, the role and responsibilities
 Working well with colleagues
 Coaching others and improving performance. Measurement of office work
 HR (Human Resources) functions and activities
 Effective conflict management
 Practical problem solving
 Systematic approach to decision making
 Setting Goals and priorities
 Managing stress
 Project management and planning – an overview including resource allocation
 Delegate effectively
 Results feedback in relation to planned objectives

Course Benefits

 Improved and more confident on the job performance
 Certification for successful completion
 Improved employability and confidence on the job

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