Strategic Management


EGTL-029                         ILM

Strategic Management enables delegates to review their organisation’s vision – and refresh or recreate it – using personal leadership visioning and goals.

Strategic Management ensures delegates know how to engage their management team to deliver the vision using a variety of tools and techniques including; Emotional Intelligence, Leading for Loyalty and Transformational Leadership.

Strategic Management is designed for senior managers and directors to ensure they have the necessary skills to develop and lead effective and productive teams in line with their organisation’s vision.

Course Contents

 Identifying and overcoming barriers to effective leadership
 Visionary leadership
 Leadership styles for specific situations
 Employee capability and commitment
 Motivators
 Making objective decisions
 Assessment

Course Benefits

By the end of the course, participants will be able to;
 Explain the barriers to effective leadership
 Offer solutions to the barriers to effective leadership
 Explain what visionary leadership is
 Understand what motivates you and how to motivate others to get results
 Understand the extent to which they use visionary leadership
 Be able to create a vision for the future
 Identify any engagement gaps in your own team
 Learn how to make objective decisions

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