Taking Ownership of the Call



The telephone is the first opportunity, to make a good impression for many customers, and is often seen as the “shop window” to the organisation. However, a badly handled enquiry, or a poorly taken message can adversely affect future trading relationships with not only new or potential, but also existing customers.

This course will be of particular interest to anyone who is using and working on the telephone and will enable them to use the telephone effectively, with greater efficiency and confidence when dealing with that more challenging call.

Course Contents

 Investigate professional call answering techniques
 Deal with customer dissatisfaction
 Managing difficult callers
 Learn how to gracefully take charge of challenging situations.
 Active listening
 Asking the right questions
 Clarifying skills and taking notes
 Summarising callers wants and needs – action and agreement
 Ensuring professionalism at all times
 Explore building working relationships with customers and suppliers

Course Benefits

 Understand the importance of being the first contact with a caller
 Know how to create the right atmosphere when using the telephone.
 Be able to take accurate and effective messages.
 Know how to handle customers with a complaint.

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