Advanced Negotiating Skills



This session is suitable for both buyers and sellers who want to raise their game with their existing negotiating skills.
You are now at the stage in your career where you have been negotiating with clients for some time. During this session you will be given a thorough refresher of the essential principles associated with successful negotiations.
You will be shown how to prepare for a negotiation, how to structure and control a negotiation and how to absorb pressure and devalue tactics.
The session will feature a tailored negotiation case study and role play to ensure all the principles outlined are experimented within the session itself.

What Topics Are Covered

 The essential principles of effective negotiation.
 Preparing to negotiate – the value of the top, middle and bottom line.
 Setting objectives and the necessary research – understanding the options.
 Identifying and valuing variables – building a strategy.
 Building the value perspective.
 Controlling the negotiation.
 Exploration, opening positions, pressure, movement, settlement and closure.
 Stimulating movement in deadlock.
 Recognising and responding to both high and low pressure tactics.
 Understanding different negotiation strategies/personalities.
 Building proposals and conditional trading.
 Agreement – confirming the deal.

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