Face To Face Sales



Selling face to face can be extremely demanding and, at times, a very lonely experience. How much more confident could your sales team be if they have been equipped with sales techniques to improve the quality and effectiveness of their presentations?
This course is for sales people, who have limited experience of face to face selling, but want to overcome objections and low client commitment, and who want to build more business by undertaking face-to-face client meetings.

Course Contents

• Building a continuing and profitable relationship
• Organising successful presentations
• Ensuring customer “good will”
• Personal qualities vital for success
• Effective research
• Setting objectives
• Using benefits and selling points
• Quoting prices
• Overcoming objections
• Recognising buying signals (visual/verbal)
• Closing technique

Course Benefits

• Plan a well-executed client meeting
• Understand your clients’ products/services and specific needs
• Match your clients’ needs with your solution
• Overcome sales objections

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