Sales Masterclass



This session is suitable for anyone involved in sales who would like to inject a fresh approach to winning business.
This session will give you an opportunity to reflect on your sales skills and identify those areas that may need a bit of an overhaul.

We begin by revisiting the skills associated with successful selling and look at how important it is for you to prepare your approach, by setting clear hard and soft goals, and the role for explicit need identification and solution selling.

You’ll also explore how to structure and control a negotiation, and at the same time, how to respond to pressure tactics that may derail the whole process if your response is not assertive enough.

What Topics Are Covered

 Developing relationships through credibility and servicing.
 Setting hard and soft goals for each account.
 Building rapport and credibility – the cornerstones of any business relationship.
 Identifying explicit needs through open, empathic questioning.
 The value of the solution sell – demonstrating the return on investment.
 Tailoring your solution for each individual client.
 The role for creativity in today’s competitive market.
 The role for control in any negotiation.
 The seven step negotiation process.
 Absorbing pressure – what to do when things stall?
 Recognising high pressure and low pressure tactics.
 Responding to high pressure and low pressure tactics.

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