Win That Pitch



This session is suitable for anyone involved in pitching to clients and who are looking to win new business. This session is aimed at anyone who wants to bring a fresh approach to winning new business.

We’ll look at how you can dig deeper into the brief and make your efforts pay off. Learn how to break free from the traditional pitch formula and make your presentations memorable for all the right reasons.

What Topics Are Covered

 The purpose of the pitch – is the client clear, are you clear?
 Pulling the brief apart, identifying the critical success factors.
 Identifying the gaps, how much research is required, pulling together your team.
 Exploring any hidden factors, what might not be being said?
 Red light or green light? Is the business worth pursuing?
 Building your credentials, your credibility and chemistry.
 Evidencing your case, making the connection between what the client wants and what we can provide.
 The creative stage – put yourself in the clients’ shoes– what do they want to see and hear?
 Bringing your pitch to life; what is going to give true colour to your ideas?
 A pitch planning process to ensure you cover all bases and hit your deadline

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