Communication Advanced Skills



This programme is about powerful communications that impact on others. We explore courage, passion, purpose, congruence, fluency, flexibility; alignment and interconnectedness with others and in doing so help you to develop real authentic confidence and self-expression.

You will spend time practising the varied tools and techniques within the broadest range of settings.
Drawing on our team of expert facilitators including actors, psychologists and somatic specialists, we work in the safe environment of the rehearsal room to bring together the courage that comes from the heart, the conversation that comes from the mind and the congruence that comes from the body.
Finally, we provide a high facilitator/participant ratio so that we can work closely with you on your live issues and on developing your unique, authentic and powerful communication.

What topics are Covered

• Making a Memorable Entrance
• First Impressions
• Conversation Skill Basics
• Breaking into an Existing Conversation
• The Art of the Business Card

Course Benefits

• A range of specialist tools and techniques designed to produce power and excellence in face-to-face communication
• Extensive practice in a broad range of real settings – one-to-one situations, meetings, team talks, networking, Skype and video-conferencing
• A more skilful, articulate and successful communicator thereby enhancing the culture and performance of the business.

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