Influencing, Persuading & Negotiating



This session is suitable for those wanting to develop their personal communication skills to be able to influence actions, persuade others and negotiate for positive outcomes.

Influencing, persuading and negotiating skills are fundamental to successful working relationships. Those who demonstrate these skills build strong relationships, gain commitment and co-operation from others, enjoy greater influence with their colleagues and project a positive image of themselves and their organisation.

This session will show delegates how to influence the thinking and behaviour of others, persuade them to their way of thinking, communicate confidently, build relationships and remain assertive even when pressurised.

What topics are Covered

 Explore the principles that support effective and persuasive communication.
 How to build rapport and use it to your advantage.
 Explore how different people make their decisions and learn how each is best influenced.
 How to explain complicated ideas in a manner that aids understanding and increases the likelihood of success.
 Become an opinion shaper amongst your colleagues.
 How to obtain cooperation through consent, not coercion.
 How to make your case more compelling.
 Recognise resistance and respond to it positively and effectively
 Reasons why people say yes.
 How to motivate people to say yes.
 An understanding of others’ wants, needs, perspectives and language to put forward a persuasive case.
 Exploring the role of non-verbal communication.
 Making your voice more persuasive.
 Adapting and enhancing your natural negotiating style.
 The role for assertiveness in achieving positive outcomes.
 Dealing with difficult situations confidently.

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