Presentation Skills Stage 1



Presentation Skills are vital in today’s business world; poor presentations not only obscure the message and lose arguments, but also can affect sales. No matter what the case may be if it’s not presented professionally it will undoubtedly lose its impact.

This course is aimed at people with limited, or no experience of presenting to groups, who wish to develop their confidence by gaining knowledge and practical experience.

What topics are Covered

 What makes a good presentation?
 Planning, Preparation, Practice
 Break down the barriers to a good presentation
 Timing and delivery
 Communication
 Verbal
 Written
 Behavioural
 Using anecdotes and personal stories
 Dealing with questions and answers
 Dealing with nerves

Course Benefits

 Become a good presenter
 Be able to control nerves and deal with common fears
 Be able to speak with more confidence in front of an audience
 Know how to develop ideas
 Know how to plan and structure a presentation

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