Executive Edge Etiquette : Posture, Poise & Powerful Communication Workshop



The course is for those that want to present well internally, ergonomically and professionally. They will be persons that are media, fashion, bankers, lawyers, real estate professionals, trainers or lecturers and generally anyone in the spotlight.

Course Contents

ILM Communications Masterclass Programme CODE: EGTL – 051 ( a 2 day course )


    •  Why good posture is important
    •  Move and walking with Panache
    •  Differing walk types and interpreting your walk
    •  Walking with high heels – How
    •  Making an entrance – How
    •  Ascending and descending stairs – How
    •  How to sit down and get up from a chair
    •  How to get in and out of a car
    •  Drinking with elegance
    •  Removing and putting on outdoor wear
    •  Good posture when dining


Additional Benefits

  •  ILM Development Award – Certification from the UK
  •  6 Months Free Access as a student member of the Institute of Leaders and Managers

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