Prim Proper and Eloquence Course



Through this course, participants will be able to understand and apply the key elements of professionalism and business etiquette. They would be able to operate in any business environment with confidence. Lastly, they would be able to build trust and personal equity regardless of skill level, years of experience or education.
This course is for executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, physicians, politicians, attorneys, authors, speakers, business and life coaches, sales professionals, young adults, women re-entering the workforce, successful individuals who feel they’ve reached a plateau, rising corporate stars being groomed for a senior position and anyone wishing to attain a higher income and a more upscale lifestyle.

Course Contents

• Dress for Success
o Suiting Up-New Changes to Old Rules
o How to Dress like You mean Business
o Dress-economics: Building a business wardrobe on a budget
o Style Statements to suit your body type
o Conquering Business Casual Confusion
o Power dressing that shows you are in charge
o 7 Worst Wardrobe Choices
o 5 Classic Career Dressing Essentials
o How to put your image in motion when you want the promotion
• Etiquette Edge-Power Dining Tutorial
o Conquering Cutlery Confusion
o Dining Styles – American v Continental
o Responsibilities of the guest and host
o Dealing with problematic food
o Seating protocol
o Do’s and Don’ts of Dining
o Wine Etiquette
o Toasting
o Business Entertaining
o Handling Accidents
o Tipping
• Powerful Communication through Manners and Class
o Body language essentials
o Savvy Networking skills
o Art of conversation
o Executive Business Manners
o Techno-etiquette-mobile phones, blackberry’s, email

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