You as a Brand



Proven Adult-Learning Principles ensure maximum engagement, learning and retention. This fun, interactive and inspiring workshop uses proven principles of adult learning with a mix of short participative lectures and: Large and small group activities, Skills practice and Individual exercises and reflection.

This course aims to help you have the executive edge and a successful mind-set to help you achieve your highest potential, both professionally and personally.

This course is for executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, physicians, politicians, attorneys, authors, speakers, business and life coaches, sales professionals, young adults, women re-entering the workforce, successful individuals who feel they’ve reached a plateau, rising corporate stars being groomed for a senior position and anyone wishing to attain a higher income and a more up-scale lifestyle.

Course Contents

• You as the message
• A second look at First Impressions
• Your Image – Money maker or deal breaker?
• Building a powerful personal Brand Identity
• Executive Essentials: 7 keys to Packaging Yourself for Success
• The Attitude of Achievers
• Business Attire to Boost Your Bottom Line
• How to Dress Smart
• Understanding Your Business Personality- Corporate, Communicator, Creative
• Cracking the 4 Dress Codes
• Image Up -The power of the 3rd piece
• Psychological Responses to Colour
• The Dollars are in the Details-accessorising your look
• Wardrobe Malfunctions that make you look a mess
• Your Dynamic, Distinctive and Successful Persona
• Entering a room with presence and poise
• The art of introductions
• The perfect handshake
• Remembering names
• The art of small talk
• Business Card Presentation
• Polite pointers for ducking out of conversations
• Creating Charisma

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